We serve Keltek’s full range of Legendary Cornish ales, brewed less than fifteen miles from the pub.

King, Magik, and reaper  are regularly rotated on draught Discover more about the Keltek Cornish Brewery here.

Keltek King
Keltek King 5.1%
– premium bitter which is exceptionally well balanced and long-lasting on the palate. SIBA National Brewing Competition Champion Bottled Beer, ‘International World of Beer’ Festival (Miami) First Place Winner, and two South West Regional Gold Medals.

Magik 4.0% – the benchmark brew. A traditional bitter full of hops and malt flavours with gentle bitterness. SIBA South West Champion Best Bitter.


Lance 4.0% – A refreshing, easy-drinking golden ale, pale and fruity with a citrus bias. CAMRA Cornish Champion Ale.

Even Keel (2)

Even Keel 3.4% – A refreshing pale ale with a fruity yet malty first impression, followed by a hint of tangerine with gentle bitterness. Unusually long on the palate for a lower gravity beer.


Beheaded 7.5% – Keltek’s strongest ale; dark and deceptive with a smooth, slightly sweet first impression and none of the alcoholic twang often associated with strong beers. Its complex, indulgent flavour is legendary.

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